Our wire plants – a success story from the beginning

For decades, the name AGRO has been associated with innersprings of the highest quality all around the globe. Since its formation in 2004, our first wire plant, AGRO Steel Wire, has also successfully evolved from a strong partner and reliable supplier for its own co-subsidiary to become a competitive force and supplier of wire internationally. AGRO Steel Wire stands out not only for its modern plant and machinery, but also with a clear and relevant vision: the vision of sustainably good wire.

Environmentally friendly production is only one aspect of sustainability. For us, sustainability also describes the relationships we build with our customers. Long lasting, reliable business partnerships aimed at mutual benefit. This is our goal and at the same time a major factor in our success. Out business partners benefit from our depth of experience in wire and international exporting, combined with outstanding standards of service and flexibility. Why not be one of them?

An experienced partner in the production of high quality wire

A reliable and competent partner for its customers

A supportive ‘family’ for its employees

Our wire – a comprehensive range full of strengths

Our current product portfolio includes cold-drawn, round iron and steel wire with a diameter range between 0.8 mm and 5.0 mm.

Our range is focused on wires for the following areas of application:

  • Bedding & seating
  • Technical applications
  • Bending and screen solutions
  • Wire ropes

Our high quality wires are available with different surfaces, packaging specifications and tensile strength categories. Whether bright or copper-plated, whether former or steel reel – our wire plants offer you a range of possibilities.






tons of steel / year

Production and logistics – the core of AGRO Steel Wire

At our wire plants, production and logistics go hand in hand. Our wire rod is produced exclusively in European rolling mills that have been rigorously validated by our compliance process to ensure they adhere to our strict quality criteria. The wire rod is then delivered almost exclusively by freight train and thanks to our own railway siding, we keep travel distances to a minimum.

The first step of processing is a mechanical – not chemical – cleaning process, the so-called descaling. Subsequently, the wire rod is coated with a coating agent and drawn in several steps to the final diameter that is required by the customer. If desired, a refinement of surface, for example by copper plating, is possible.

Our logistics process is structured to give delivery, on time every time. Depending on the area of application and your special requests, our wire will be delivered on formers, cardboard tubes, coils or a range of other packaging options. And we are also experienced in fulfilling international deliveries. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly – we are confident we can find the right solution for you!


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